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Obojestransko Fleksibilna Circuit

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Double-Sided Flexible Circuit  Application:  Medical, Automotive, Consumer, Wearable, Aerospace, Military 

  • Material: Katpon or Alternatives
  • Finish: ENIG (Ni: 2-6um; Au: 0.03-0.10um)
  • Copper Foil: 1/3OZ、1/2OZ、1OZ、2OZ
  • Polyimide: 0.5mil, 1mil. 2mil (black, white, Amber)
  • Min. Line/Spacing: 0.06mm/0.07mm
  • Impedance Tolerance (if applicable): ±10%
  • Min. Drilling hole: 0.10MM
  • PTH tolerance: 0.075mm
  • Silkscreen: White or Black (TBD)
  • Outline tolerance: +/-0.10MM or 0.05MM
  • Shipping: by array or By individual pieces
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    Dvojna -Sided  Fleksibilna Circuit

    Obojestransko Fleksibilna Circuit


    Medical, Automotive, potrošnikov, obleči, Aerospace, vojaški 

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  • According to IPC 6013, Board type including
    Type 1 Single-Sided Flexible Printed Boards
    Type 2 Double-Sided Flexible Printed Boards
    Type 3 Multilayer Flexible Printed Boards
    Type 4 Multilayer Rigidi and Flexible Material Combinations

    At earlier stage, technical support is important for you to proceed the designs, from line width/spacing to stackup (material selection), especially for impedance control value calculation, Please feel free to contact us for any questions.

    Bolion recommend that all new projects should have prototypes confirmation before mass production. Prototype is important for technology review, meanwhile, it would be helpful to get the most competitive price for mass production and resonable lead time.

    From Quick-Turn prototype to series production, we are doing our best to meet customers’ lead time requirement.

    Opis FPC Prototype
    FPC Standard Turn
    SMT Assembly
    Single-sided FPC 2-4 days 6-7 days 2-3 days
    Double-Sided FPC 3-5 days 7-9 days 2-3 days
    Multilayer/Airgap FPC 4-6 days 8-10 days 2-3 days
    Rigid-Flex Board 5-8 days 10-12 days 2-3 days
    * Working Days

    Following your shipping instruction if there is any, if not, we will accordinate with the most competitive shipping terms, FedEx, UPS, DHL. Xiamen Bolion is experienced with all the paperwork for customs.

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