PCBA Capabilities

Component consignment  in Reels, Cut Tape or Tray is welcome, we also support turnkey solution by getting the component from our authorized components supplier or distributors. Here is the Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB Assembly Capability

  Item Conventional Special
1 Min. board size 50mmX50mm /
2 Max. PCB/Panel Size 400X600mm 400X1200mm
3 Max. Rack/Tape 44mm 56mm
4 Smallest Chips size 0201 /
5 Max. Component Size 38mmX38mm 40mmX40mm
6 Min. Pad Pitch 0.35mm 0.3mm
7 Max. Component Height 10mm /
8 Dispensing Black, Transparent, heat conductor


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales specialist.