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Platinum quality driving the world

With nearly 20 years' experience in electronics industrial, Xiamen Bolion is specialized in manufacturing Flex Circuitry which including single-sided FPC, Double-Sided FPC, Dual Access FPC, Kapton Heater, Rigid-Flex PCB for Medical and Biotech, Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, Consumer, IOT and Wearable Device, industrial, etc., Multilayer PCB up to 12 layers, Electronics assembly also could be supported in house.
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About us

Xiamen Bolion Tech. Co., Ltd. was established in Jan. 23, 2003 with 30,000 sq. m of clean plant area and the most advanced FPC manufacturing equipment and testing instruments. Our monthly capacity is 40,000sq. m of high-quality Single-sided, Double-sided, Dual-access, Multilayer, Air-gap FPCs, Rigid-Flex PCBs and assembly, which are widely used in the automotive, battery pack, medical devices, industrial control, aerospace, and consumer electronics industries.

Our advantage

What make us stand out in the PCB industrial?

Platinum quality Driving the world. Quality is always placed in the first place.


Our advantage

Strong R&D Power

Supper long and large FPC: Length up to 30m
Complex and special FPC: Battery pack protection board, Multilayer with or without airgap FPC Up to 12 layer Rigid-Flex PCB.
FPC Patents: 66 totally.

Core Technology

Our advantage

With decade relationships

We work closely with our raw material suppliers.


Our advantage

On Time Delivery

Support Hight Mix Low Value Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB requirement.

Full-house process

Our advantage

Συνέλευση SMT

From FPC design to Pilot Run, mass production, Assembly, Test, we support both Turn-Key and component consignement project.